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Our company selling healthy lifestyles, leisure and sports goods. We focus on clarifying customer needs and making the right decisions. Our goal is to supply only safe, high quality and reliable products and comprehensive information about them. We focus on e-commerce so that information about the goods is easily accessible to the customer, you can get a thorough overview of their descriptions compared with other goods on the market (not only in terms of quality but also in price), discuss and choose the right and most relevant product.,,,,,
If you are tired of bringing clean water home from stores in plastic bottles, this issue will be solved by high-quality US-made ZeroWater water filters. The ZeroWater filtration system combines five sophisticated technologies to provide you with great-tasting water. We are distributors of ZEROWATER water filters in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and in other countries. and
We sell environmental control devices (nitrate testers, water quality meters, radiation and electromagnetic field meters), protection against electromagnetic radiation "Neitronik". Here you will find not only food supplements, equipment needed for a healthy lifestyle, such as household oil presses, but also literature on healthy eating and other lifestyle topics. and
We offer the most optimal water purification solutions for homes, offices and companies. We pay special attention to household water treatment equipment and its latest technologies. In our range you will find water purification filters, distillation equipment, osmosis systems, devices for water disinfection, hydrogen saturation and others. Because water is life.

distiliatorius. lt,
Water distillation equipment and accessories therefor. Distilled water is the purest, as it does not contain any additives and impurities. Distillation is the most practical of the water purification methods, as this process reliably removes all types of impurities.
E-store offering healthy food production solutions for people living healthy lives and those looking for high quality, impeccably functioning kitchen equipment. The grinders and juicers we offer are technologically advanced, elegantly designed and patented technology devices that you can use to produce products with high nutritional value. Here you can buy small kitchen appliances - irreplaceable helpers when you need to prepare healthy and fresh food: grinders, slow-speed juicers, flour mills, flake mills, oil presses, etc.
We sell a functional food product made from Fucus vesiculosus - fucus. Fucus has many preventive and curative properties. This is due to the large amount of biologically active substances in its easily absorbed form: alginates, fucoidan, macro and microelements and vitamins.

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